In the days since the world learned about Avery’s Bucket List and particularly since her passing on Monday, we’ve had many, many people reach out to us and ask how they can help defeat the disease that took her from her family.  Here are a few suggestions:

Donate and encourage others to give as well: Funding spinal muscular atrophy research is the quickest way to make an impact.  Avery’s parents have asked that donations be made in Avery’s memory to support the gene therapy work of SMA researcher Dr. Brian Kaspar at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and The Ohio State University. FightSMA has been pleased to support Dr. Kaspar’s work.  FightSMA can accept donations designated for Dr. Kaspar. Please include this notation when you make your gift in memory of Avery. To donate, please click here.

Raise funds: We’re not suggesting you rush out and start your own foundation.  However, holding a bake sale or benefit yard sale can raise a good bit of money that can help scientists find a cure.

Raise awareness: This is the easiest way to help, and it doesn’t cost a dime.  Even after all of the media stories written about Avery’s story, SMA is a largely unknown disease.  Tell all of your friends about it and forward articles from FightSMA to them.  “Like” our Facebook Page and share our articles there.  Retweet us if you use Twitter.  Make sure everyone you know is aware of this child killer.

If you want to go a step further and hold more organized fundraisers or even start a FightSMA chapter in your area, please contact us.  Help for learning how to fund raise can also be had through our Fighter Mom Program, which provides disease advocacy assistance.