Jasmine and her dad, "Shrek" (click for larger version)

We’d like you to meet Jasmine Rankin and her Dad.  Jasmine is a beautiful and special young adult from the United Kingdom with SMA Type 2, who wrote to us because she wanted her family to be the first of our FightSMA Featured Families.  Wish granted!  Here’s what Jasmine had to say:

This is a photograph of me and my dad on my 18th Birthday, I was obviously a bumblebee and he was Shrek! I don’t know what I’d do without Shrek.  He’s like my best friend as well as my dad!  I tell him everything, and he would do anything for me.  I’m so grateful to have someone so special in my life.

We’re grateful to have Jasmine and her dad as our first FightSMA Featured Family!

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