Fight SMA Research Grant Submission

Applications can be completed two ways:

  1. Fill out the form below and send additional materials by email to
    Chris Lorson, PhD
  2. Download an application (PDF or Word) and mail it to the following address:
    Attn: Chris Lorson, PhD
    1321 Duke Street, Suite 304
    Alexandria, VA 22314

Each application should include the following:

  • Abstract - Describe the proposed research and how this project relates to your previous research. In six sentences or less include a lay summary statement of research (Limit to one page)
  • Specific Aims (Limit to one page)
  • Background
  • Preliminary Results and Significance (as it relates to SMA)
  • Experimental Plan
  • Proposed Time Line
  • Project Budget (Limit to one page) (Indirect costs not to exceed 8%)
  • Justification of Budget (Limit to one page)
  • References to Literature cited
  • Curriculum Vitae (Use NIH-style Biosketch)

The body of the research project (Specific Aims, Background, Preliminary Results and Significance, and Experimental Plan) may not exceed 10 pages.


Please email PDFs of additional attachments or copy of grant applications to
Dr. Chris Lorson